October 31, 2007

The Car Seat Was Grandpa's Idea

An Edmonton, Alberta engineering consultant took his 3-year-old granddaughter flying with him in his Cessna 172. [That's the little one most people learn to fly in.] It crashed, he and his employee died, but the kid survived, after hanging upside down for 5 hours in the car seat her grandfather insisted she use.

Safety seat was a factor [edmontonsun.com via dt reader ponch]


Does anyone know which carseat it was? That's the one I want to get!

I want to know, too. I've been looking FOREVER for a carseat in which to hang my kids upside-down in for 5 hours...

[let's start testing... -ed.]

Much respect to this guy; he's clearly proved that using your common sense outweighs legislation, directives, official, HSE, "expert opinion" and manufacturer's warning stickers...

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