October 29, 2007

I Feel For You

So we're walking out of the burrito restaurant, and "I Feel For You" comes on, and though I find it hilarious and enjoyable, the wife takes a dim view of my teaching the kid to sing,
"Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan..."


Geez. At least I taught my daughter, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"

It's possible that you didn't actually TEACH the kid those lyrics...my boy has managed to absorb the worst possible portion of the Ike Reilly song "Valentine's Day in Juarez", the part that goes "They got your cocaine, Oxycontin, mushrooms, marjiuana, vodka..." after hearing it in the car maybe 5 times?! I think we'll move that CD out of the car. They are amazingly spongelike, these kids.

At least you're not teaching her that High School Musical crap. Disney is like MGM in the 30's. You're teaching her the classics.

Now, when your kid can do the whole rap part, that'll be mp3-worthy. Heh.

Thanks to the spouse my kids know the words to every Pink Floyd song there is.
Its funny to hear them playing and singing to themselves.

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