October 28, 2007

Sweet Vintage Suburban Playthings


There's a reason this eBay auction of a single-room Creative Playthings dollhouse stuffed with original matching Antonio Vitali furniture is already $75: because it's freakin' awesome. Most of it looks to be in excellent condition, even the more played-with furniture pieces, which appear to have been added later on. There are still six days to go, too.


This solid maple station wagon, complete with wooden tailfins, by Community Playthings, also ends in six days. After 40+ years in the church basement, it could use a bit of detailing. But polish that bad boy up and park it in front of the dollhouse, and your kid can have a perfect, mid-century suburban Christmas. And it's 100% lead-free!

Creative Playthings mod minimalist dollhouse Vitali, Auction ends Nov. 3, currently $75+13 s/h [ebay]
VINTAGE WOOD LARGE TOY CAR COMMUNITY PLAYTHINGS WAGON, Auction ends Nov. 3, opening bid: $15+13 s/h [ebay]

1 Comment

Good heavens! We have nearly that whole set of furniture, just not the house; my mother in law got it at a thrift store and thought it was cute.

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