October 28, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: Adoption, Boys Named Sue, Ramones & Flash Cards Edition

The DT browser tab clearance is on now:

  • NYT Magazine: Looking for Their Children’s Birth Mothers
    Maggie Jones takes a personal look at the complicated emotional and cultural landscape of open international adoption. Though she and her husband decided to search for the birth mother of their 2-yo Guatemalan daughter, so far, they haven't found her. Did she mention that it's very complicated?
  • NYT Magazine: Shirt-Worthy
    Ramones fan David Giffels can angst with the best of them. And what's more angst-inducing than buying your kid a Ramones t-shirt at freakin' Hot Topic?
  • NYT Magazine: What's In A Name?
    Can Peyton Manning singlehandedly reverse the trend of parents of boys abandoning a name when too many girls start getting it? What about Morgan Freeman? Carroll O'Connor? Yeah, not too many people naming their sons after him these days. Boy Named Sue.
  • Boston Globe: Rush, Little Baby
    This article on how counter-productive it probably is to push academic learning on your kid too early is so long, you'll probably have to skip a Philosophers of The Enlightenment flash card session. It's worth it, though: it turns out the whole best-preschool-for-Harvard thing depends on vocabulary development and myelinization. And having parents who went to Harvard. [thanks to noisette's maman for the tip]

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