October 27, 2007

Yo Gabba Gabba! Hoodies: I Swear, I Had NO Idea


Obviously, a brilliant design, though I gotta say, I think it works better as a t-shirt.

From the Kidrobot November Releases announcement [kidrobot.com via boingboing, thanks jason]

Previously: Winner of the DT DIY Muno Lisa t-shirt


I get it now.
Wildbrain will use their Kidrobot company to make things hip and cool with older kids and adults first. Then the kid show comes out and Spinmaster brings the stuff to Wal Mart.
So everybody in the family is buying the same junk.
I guess their new toy line Peecool is next as Nickelodeon is looking at them right now. Yay! It's Dora the Explorer, but now YOU buy it too. $$$
Kidrobot = Wal Mart = Happy Meals.

[Yes, but it's Wal-Mart for cool people. -ed.]

No that's GIANT robot.
KID robot is for phoneys.

[I thought GR was Target for cools, and KR was Wal-Mart. -ed.]

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