October 26, 2007

Community Playthings Phone Will Require Much Explanation


My first thought when I saw this vintage Community Playthings maple phone appear on eBay was, "Yow, better watch that phone cord doesn't wrap around the youngster's little neck."

But then I realized, it'll take so much to explain phone cords, land lines, and dialers, that you'll have to play with the kid anyway.

VINTAGE COMMUNITY PLAYTHINGS TOY WOODEN TELEPHONE, Auction ends Nov. 2, current bid: $7.49+6.90 s/h

1 Comment

i was thinking the same thing- about if kids now-days knew what phones with cords were for. when my in-laws bought my son a toy phone that you call different characters, i wasn't sure if he even knew what it was since we rarely ever use a land line-usually just our cell phones. i think eventually he started to get the idea, but it made me realize how much times have changed from when i was a kid-phones with cords are so outdated, for the most part.

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