October 24, 2007

Richard Hutten Designer Slide At Dutch Design Week


The army of designbloggers is making us wait again, this time for photos and reportage from Dutch Design Week. DDW involves all the design schools as well as Dutch firms, so it should be a source of some interesting, innovative work and some new talent from the most kid-design-centric country in Europe.

But Mocoloco's got a teaser post, and it looks to be mostly about Richard Hutten. Now I love me some Hutten, and it'd be swell if my government threw a giant event around my merch, too, but the Bronto chair and that giant-handled cup are not news to anyone.


And that three-pronged slide may turn out to be alright, but the playground where it was installed--on the terrace of a new yuppie condo building in a gentrifying neighborhood of west Amsterdam--is absolutely abysmal-looking. I love me some MVRDV even more than Hutten, but the outdoor spaces in the building--particularly the playground--look as soul-sucking as the worst, failed, tower-in-a-park projects the inner city has ever seen.

So it's pretty much uphill from here. Yeah, Dutch Design Week!

Dutch Design Week begins [mocoloco]
Parkrand Amsterdam - MVRDV, 2006 [archined.nl]

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