October 23, 2007

William Wegman's [And His Dogs'] Alphabet Soup DVD

wegman_alphabet_soup.jpgOne day I may figure out the art world appeal that William Wegman holds. But for now, all I can see is an endless array of amusing, pose-y, and ultimately pointless photographs involving his incredibly patient Weimaraners.

I stopped wondering a long time ago whether all those dogs-with-hands-doing-stuff segments on Sesame Street were Wegman or just Wegman-esque [he did do several story and fairy tale segments for the 'Street, after all].

But one way to lock in 100% pure, all-Wegman, all the time, would be to buy Alphabet Soup, a DVD where his dogs teach the ABC's by balancing a boat on their head and by laying on the ground in the shape of each letter. Have at it.

buy William Wegman's Alphabet Soup, $17.99 [amazon]

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I hate those dressed up dogs. They freak me out.

a million years ago when i was an art student, we learned about him in a class about avant garde film makers and video artists. a few links to possibly amuse/frighten children:

stomach dog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vOP6WTqRn0

1972 clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6afbl--ze8

I won't consider Wegman an artist until he photographs those pooches mauling a dog-show handler.

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