October 22, 2007

RAW Clothing, Awesome Handmade Gifts, By My Modern Life

mymodernlife_store.JPG mymodernlife_gown.JPG

My Modern Life is an eBay seller in Lincoln Nebraska who first crossed my radar when she posted some vintage toys in insanely great condition by Creative Playthings and Kay Bojesen. As if that wasn't awesome enough, My Modern Life has recently expanded into baby clothing and gifts, and has even opened a real-world shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Now I don't want to upset anyone in Omaha, but I have a feeling that My Modern Life is the best earth-friendly modern baby store, not just in the capital, but in the entire state.

The clothes and stuff are handmade locally from vintage or recycled remnant materials, so each piece is unique. From the RAW clothing collection, for example, there's this cool, elasticized baby gown [above]. Somehow, a pink and paisley caftan does not make your baby look like Shelley Winters. It's $45+6.55 s/h.


But the coolest-looking thing at the moment may be this handmade felt box, which has a felt-decorated infant bodysuit and a little wool bracelet. It has "Awesome baby gift" written all over it [in invisible ink]. Even at $55+s/h, 25 seamstresses should not be enough to keep up with the orders.

Until you get your roadtrip to Lincoln organized, My Modern Life's eBay store will have to tide you over. [stores.ebay.com via andy]
My Modern Life has an etsy storefront, too, but I think the eBay takes a smaller cut [etsy]
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