October 22, 2007

How To Dress Your Kid Like A Tenenbaum


The kid's been wearing hats outside since she brained herself on our front door a couple of months ago. Keeps the scar out of the sun, which helps it heal.

She's been wearing these preppy little bucket hats, but they get kind of grungy, plus they sometimes don't match. Plus, it's not summer, and we're not on Nantucket [or Gilligan's Island, same diff.] So I grabbed one of these terrycloth headbands at the American Apparel store. It's an adult size, but to my wife's unfathomable chagrin, it fits the kid's 3yo head just fine, and goes right across her scar.

So she makes her own jewelry; she anthropomorphizes her indie stuffed animals; she's dressed like an Olivia Newton John backup aerobicizer; and her parents pay for everything. As soon as she gets used to the Pabst Blue Ribbon, the kid'll be ready to move to Greenpoint.

Flex Terry Headband, $6 [americanapparel.net]
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