October 17, 2007

Micralite Toros In The Wild?


Has anyone seen Micralite Toro strollers in stores yet? DT reader Eyelet posted earlier today about trying to try one out in person [in NYC].

I know that Euro-Baby, the US distributor for Micralite flagged the first shipments for Sparkability [which is why we had that mailing list drawing last month, to hype the launch].

Schneider's, the old-school baby store on 25th street, has the Toro listed online, but I don't know if they're in the store itself. I'd call to find out, but they kind of scare me. Still. [It's where we bought our crib, btw, great deal, great crib, but he kind of scared me.]

Anyway, the Euro-Baby folks confirmed, too, that their Maxi-Cosi adapters will fit a Mico. [Which means a Mico will fit on any stroller's Maxi-Cosi adapters? Is that what that means?] Micralite also has Graco adapters for the US market.


my wife and I just bought one from corduroy kids in prospect heights; brooklyn NY.

We looked at all the other usual suspects. I really wanted to go with the Toro rather than the Bee because of the big rear wheels and the car seat adapter.

But a cup holder would have been a nice extra

I've got a Mico, but a Phil and Ted's. We'll likely just lay the baby in the P&T, rather than try and put the Mico in it.

Now, if anyone has a maxi-cosi shopping cart adapter, please let me know...

i saw one yesterday at the new RealBirth in midtown (48th and 9th). If you have not been there its an awesome space with a great store in the front. They had both the toro and the mia moda cielo.

I didnt have time to play with either though.

We received our shipment last week - I can only assume other retailers have been receiving theirs as well...

So it is the Cabrio adapter that works with the Mico? When I wrote to the Micralite people about the Mico, the impression I got was that the Graco adapter was the one that would fit the Mico. But now I see that I misread that -- all she said was, "The adaptors for the Fastfold or Toro can be used with the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat."

But the Cabrio adaptor, as far as I can tell, is not available unless you buy the newborn system. You can't buy it separately in the US. You can only buy the Graco. Which is why I made that assumption.

I have just about decided not to buy one anyway -- I need all-terrain, and those front wheels appear to be plastic, and I can't try one out in person. We almost went with the Fastfold but it fits the same niche as our Maclaren Ryder, I think.

[uh, no idea. now I'm confused, too. I'd be pretty sure the Graco adapters don't fit the Mico, though. -ed.]

I dunno ... we have a hand-me-down Snugride as well as the Mico, and they seem to fit the same things. I haven't seen a Cabrio but I think the bottom of the seat (the part that would use the adapter) is significantly different.

Actually our Mico fits most things that are designed to work with most infant carseats -- it fits the Maclaren Easy Traveler like a charm, although Maclaren assured me it wouldn't. And I think it works okay in shopping carts. As well as the Graco, anyway.

Beth - my wife said the Mico worked okay in the shopping cart, but it does lack the indentation most car seats have (where it latches onto the bar on the base) that seems to fit perfectly onto the back of the kids seat on most shopping carts (except, oddly enough, the ones at Babies-r-Us).

Yeah, that's true, and that makes it sit very high in the shopping cart, which makes it difficult to steer. I was not very happy with the way my old Graco fit the carts, either, though -- it is not as secure as the fit into a snap-and-go type stroller, for instance. I always keep a hand on the baby bucket because that whole arrangement makes me nervous (and I prefer to just shop with the Easy Traveler, which has a huge basket anyway).

Beth. Just thought I would add that if going off road with the Micralite is an issue, they sell extra large wheels to replace the small ones at the front. It's called the ATK 'All Terrain Kit':


[is it just me, or does that sound totally badass? -ed.]

Oh, yeah, we are in love with the ATK. It works on the Fastfold, too, as I understand it. I haven't seen a US retailer carrying it but it would definitely be on the table if we went with either Micralite.

We are currently dithering about whether to buy one of those sight unseen, or just buy a Baby Jogger City Series on closeout. Our kid is only 2 months old but we've already determined that our Chariot bike trailer/jogger is just too cumbersome to transport anywhere because it won't fit in our car unless I remove one of the back seats. And it's not great for our local park because it puts her right at the level of the mean geese that terrorize the duck pond.

[Ah yes, mean geese. The impetus behind the prototype Stokke Offroad Xplory. -ed.]

Being in the UK, I've played with a couple of Toros in the stores. Very good build quality, the collapse and seat tilts are very smooth and easy and it looks more stylish in the flesh than even the pictures. The little one isn't due for another month, but a Toro's on the list for the goodies we need to buy over the next few weeks.

Okay, I got the answer: the Maxi-Cosi adapters are the right ones for the Mico, but they are not yet sold as a stand-alone product; they are sold only with the Toro newborn system.

The Maxi-Cosi adapters are currently available only as part of the newborn system, but that should change. If everything goes according to plan both the add-on Maxi-Cosi adapters and the All-Terrain Kits will be available in the US by the end of the year.

[cue Dr. Micralite's evil laugh and tapping of fingertips against each other -ed.]

How much are they selling the ATK?

I tried the micralite toro out last week at Buy Buy baby on 7th ave in NYC (btwn 25th and 26th) and LOVED it! The fold is easy, the stroller weighs 18lbs with the seat on it, and unlike the bugaboo it can be folded with the seat attached. As far as the maxi-cosi seat adaptors, I was told by the very informative man at euro-baby us they will be available in the us for seperate purchase the beginning of feb. Now I need to look into that All-terrain kit you mentioned...that would be awesome. I have played with every stroller out there, and I am buying the micralite for my new little one due next week!

So is there a final answer about the Mico? I don't see adapters for it anywhere, the only adapter that I see in stores is for two Graco car seats.

This is the coolest stroller, I can't believe it's not more popular!

A quick update on the two Micralite Toro accessories people were asking about...

1) Maxi Cosi car seat adapter - This is now available as a separate purchase. You can see
pictures of it here: Toro Maxi Cosi adapter

It retails for $44.95 (plus shipping). The adapter fits both the Maxi Cosi Mico and Cabrio models.

2) All Terrain Kit - Also available for the Toro. It retails for $129.95. You can see great images of it on the Toro here:
Micralite Toro ATK

Hope that helps.

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