October 17, 2007

Holy Flatpack! Slot-Together Bumpalow School, Circa 1931


Put that in your Dwell prefab and compost it. As early as the 1930's, Milton-Bradley was producing sweet, slot-together wooden doll houses and other play buildings as part of Bumpalow Town. There was also a store, a church, a garage, a cottage, a house, and a school.

They weren't modern-style [but then, in 1931, what was?], but they definitely feel cool and contemporary now. I'd only seen an image of a Bumpalow box before, but Andy spotted a pretty decent Bumpalow School on eBay [It just ended Monday, only $34+8 s/h]

I can't get over how well the white paint has held up over 75 years. I wonder what they might have used to get it so bright? Yeah, the lead paint issue has me concerned when it comes to vintage toys. In the absence of testing data, I would personally err on the side of keeping something like this out of reach.

But that doesn't mean it couldn't be knocked off in plywood by an enterprising jigsaw artist with a bucket full of low-VOC lacquer. So go ahead, your spread in Dwell awaits.

Search for other Bumpalow slot-together toys on eBay [ebay]

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