October 16, 2007

Where Would You Put A Free Eames Rocker? Contest At Design*Sponge


Suh-weet. Sparkability sure gets around. The newly redesigned Design*Sponge just launched a contest, and the prize is an Eames Rocker, courtesy of Sparkability [which is also a fine DT advertiser, btw].

To enter, just send D*S a photo [or two or three, no more than three] of where you'd like to put that sweet Eames Rocker, and the cuddly-yet-ruthless D*S readership will vote on who should get it.

Whether to create a perfect Eames tableau that's complete except for that Rocker, or to create an abject, desperate space that can only be saved by a free mid-century classic is up to you.

Check Design*Sponge for details, and get your photos in my Friday morning. None of these drawn out, two-week-long contests for the 'Spongers; they've got letters to press.

eames rocker giveaway! [design*sponge]
check out modern editions of the Eames Rocker, $350 at Sparkability [sparkability]

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