October 15, 2007

travel day, more later

Sorry for the light posting today; I'm traveling to Miami for Iconosphere 2008, a conference organized by Iconoculture for its clients and partners and other marketing genius types.

Stay tuned.

Iconosphere2008 [iconoculture.com]


Hey Greg, if you haven't already met him, say hey to my fellow Rice Daddy Jeff "InstantYang" Yang, who's presenting at the conference on Wed. (he works for Iconoculture): http://www.iconoculture.com/Iconosphere2008/Agenda/pop_up_TheGlobalAtlas2008.aspx

[it's a daddy party, who could ask for more? Turns out there are quite a few typing dads here. -ed.]

I love the blog and look forward to the next post.

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