October 12, 2007

ToDo: TokiDoki Signing Party 10/13 At Yoyamart


If you've got some Moofia toys you need signed, or if you've been waiting to get near TokiDoki Simone Legno before you buy, now's your chance. Yoyamart is hosting a Tokidoki party tomorrow night, Saturday, 10/13, from 7-10pm.

That's right during dinner and bath time for us, also we all have colds, also we're in DC this weekend, so we'll miss it. Sign a vinyl for us!

TD Party, 10.13.2007 7-10pm, 15 Gansevoort St, NYC [yoyamart via pierre and stephane, only one of whom is actually french, but then tokidoki is italian.]
Previously: woo hoo! tokidoki ducduc yoya!

1 Comment

Aww i wish i could have been there .

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