October 10, 2007

Sliced-Through Predator Plush, This Time As Slovenian Performance Art

Wherever there's video of plush bunnies being extracted from a giant plush predator, I am there.


Regine posted about a recent performance/sculpture installation in Ljublana, Slovenia which eerily--and kind of hilariously--echoes Lizette Greco's adorable See-Through Predator video just featured on DT.

For Lupus in Fabula, Rome-based artist Myriam Laplante opened up three large stuffed bears on the gallery floor, and in addition to extracting a mound of plush intestines and a rack of fake ribs, she pulled out a whole flock of little robot plush bunnies, which hopped merrily around the gallery.

Until Laplante smashed each one on the head with a sledgehammer. Then she stitched the bear skins into a rug, and built a desk from the bones and a chair from the guts. Ye-ow. Don't watch this one with the kids.

Lupus in Fabula [wmmna]
highlights from Laplante's performance are on Google Video [video.google.com]
Previously: See-Through Predator Plush

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