October 10, 2007

Little Bobby Tables


I don't get this kid naming joke from the web comic Xkcd at all, but I showed it to some of the guys in IT, and they cracked up. Good enough for me.

Also, Cory at boingboing linked to this today, and he subscribed to babygadget yesterday. I wonder if he's about to join the demo.

Exploits of a Mom [hey!] [xkcd.com via boingboing]


Heh heh.. that is pretty funny...

err... I mean, I guess you gotta be a geek to get it.

In short, for those not geeky enough, this name could cause some poor guy (or gal) to erase the school's student database if that database was poorly setup. It's what's known as an SQL injection attack, giving the database a command hidden in the data it is reading in.

[the rare occasion when explaining it DOES make it funnier. -ed.]

this is going to seem a bit stalkerish, but Cory did announce that his girlfriend was pregnant in his podcast: the relevant section is about 4:40 into the mp3.

[yes, it is stalkerish, but good catch! -ed.]

I just saw that on my RSS feed this morning and I'm still chuckling... I really want to show it to my friends but few of them would get it.

I suppose the easiest non-geek translation would be if the kid's name was Robert Delete-the-table-of-student-names-from-the-school's-database and that the computer wouldn't know not to take the kid's last name literally.

[bwahahahahahaaha -ed.]

The funniest part about XKCD comics is often the laternate text in the last frame. Just mouse over and it has another pretty funny joke (and this one was really good!)

[that's on our shortlist btw -ed.]

As a reg on the xkcd forums, I'm so happy to see the comic making it's way into the popular mass consciousness (particularly since 99% of the population still won't get most of the comics!)

I suspect chad will see this, and come home from work telling me how hysterical that cartoon is.

[act surprised. -ed.]

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