October 9, 2007

Vik Muniz Will Make A Chocolate Syrup Portrait Of Your Kid Or Whoever


Now I love me some Vik Muniz, and I love commissioning me some portraits of the kid by artists whose work we love and collect already. So how can I be anything but thrilled at the chance of getting Muniz to create a double portrait of your loved ones with his signature photo-of-chocolate syrup technique? Especially since it won't be an edition, but a single, unique, and quite large print?

So what if it's $110,000? Your kid's worth at least six times as much as Mister Rogers. And besides, it's for charity:

To grow the good karma you've started, Vik is donating his proceeds to Centro Espacial Rio de Janeiro, the charity he created to bring social and art projects to life for underprivileged young people in Brazil.
So. Vastly overpaying for indulgent luxury goods, and lining your own pockets while grabbing credit for someone else's charitable donations? Merry Neiman Marcus Christmas!

last one, I promise: His & Hers Double Portrait in Chocolate, by Vik Muniz, $110,000 [neimanmarcus.com]
Previously: Vik Muniz' picture of ink looks suspiciously like Mr. Rogers

1 Comment

what's next vik, an easel set up on the sidewalks of aspen?


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