October 9, 2007

Special Collection Metallic Silver Bugaboo Cameleon. At Neiman Freakin' Marcus.

Neiman Marcus, I wish I knew how to quit you.

Here, I just this morning promised everyone I'd stop posting about your 100th anniversary and your nonsensical Christmas catalogue items, and then the Bugaboo publicists drop this in my inbox, and it's like I'm back up on Brokeback with you all over again.


The Special Collection Cameleon for Neiman Marcus's 100th anniversary has metallic silver fabric over a dark grey base. The canopy and bassinet ziptop cover are also silver. From what I can tell, it's the same material as the breezy sun canopy, which, as you know, is the most awesome canopy Bugaboo has ever made. The Special Collection canopy does not have vents. The chassis appears to be the new&improved version, with the easier-to-adjust handle.

There's also a Special Collection Cup Holder [special = a silver embossed Bugaboo logo] and a Special Collection microfleece blanket, a Bugaboo first [black w/silver embroidered logo], included absolutely free. Or as close to free as $1,199 gets, which is not very close. Availability: November 2007.

Gratuitous canopy/bassinet, etc. shot after the jump



Sweet ride.

Off-topic: We saw you in the NYT Business Day; P & I got quite a thrill!

Where is the crappy "safety" strap we are forced to deal with in the States? A very nice special edition...just needs a Mercedes logo mixed in for good measure.

[it comes with a safety valet. Actually, I thought the safety strap was on every stroller, not just US. -ed.]

Crappy safety strap??????!!! Granted it fell apart relatively quickly, but I replaced it with a climbing doo-dad from REI that I stitched to function the same way as the original strap. That aside, the strap is a great idea and indispensible here in SF with the hills. I wouldn't dream of rolling without it. It also made a great leash to push and pull the 'boo to rock the boy to sleep.

Have you heard about the new breezy canopy for the frog?
It's silver, was released late Aug. & I can't find it ANYWHERE.

I'd love to get a canopy for my Cameleon made wholly of the same silvery fabric as the sunshade, not just fleece with vents...

And I use the safety strap more often than not. After a year, it could use a wash, but is otherwise in perfect condition. We bought our Bug in Canada, but I've seen it on every Bug here in Europe, too.

Oooh, shiny!!!

Have you heard about the new breezy canopy for the frog? It's silver, was released late Aug. & I can't find it ANYWHERE.

There is NO breezy canopy for the Frog and Bugaboo customer service says they do not plan to release one. [great "customer service", huh]?

Just don't like it too shiney! Being a gadget freak Dad-to-be i'm really into my strollers at the moment. To start with i loved the Cameleon/Frog as did the misses, now as its every other stroller I see i'm slowly being put off. There is obviously a reason for it being every other stroller I see! DT any thoughts on the Quinny buzz? (DT search is not working for me!?)

"There is NO breezy canopy for the Frog and Bugaboo customer service says they do not plan to release one. [great "customer service", huh]?"

Moseley- It exists.
I received an email about it in Aug. from Bug customer service.
I've called them 2X since, & the Model #:

It's silver like the gecko's & I wish it came in colors like the cameleon's. More so, I just wish I could find one...
Ideas anyone?

I am completely confused about the breezy-canopy, frog, thing. We got an advertisement for the breezy canopy last year, which said it was only for the cameleon. The manager at our local right start however, swears that it should fit the frog just fine too. Unfortunately, we didn't have the frog with us the last time we shopped there, so we couldn't give it test. The ones she was showing us were the multicolored, cameleon, ones. Now here, you guys are saying that if there is one for the frog, it's only in silver. At any rate, having a model number helps. Thanks Jet'set. I guess this will remain a conundrum until next year, since it's almost footmuff weather anyway...

I wish they sold the metallic silver fabric separately as I would love to replace the existing fleece on my cameleon. Any word from bugaboo on whether they will sell the metallic separately (as they did with the denim collection?)

[no word, but I wouldn't expect it until Neiman Marcus turns at least 101. -ed.]

The breezy sun canopy for the Frog is available at strollers.com for 34.95

if anyone is looking for these fabrics i am selling some on ebay,auction ends sunday july 26th 2009, thanks

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