October 8, 2007

Time's Manly Masculine Mating Men Of The Year

Time has a long article on the new generation of fathers. In addition to looking at the changes happening in workplaces and corporate family leave policies, the piece spends an unusual amount of time dwelling on the masculinity of men who get involved raising their kids:

"Does being more of a father make you less of a man? "
"'Do you mean, Do we feel whipped?'"
"'All that matters is that you're there. Being there is being a man.'"

"...the one spearing the woolly mammoth. And it wasn't so long ago that a man was that strong and silent fellow over there at the bar with the dry martini or a cold can of beer--a hardworking guy in a gray flannel suit or blue-collar work shirt. He sired children, yes, but he drew the line at diapering them...."

"'Fathers are beginning to look more like mothers.'"

"Many dads are challenging old definitions of manliness. 'Masculinity has traditionally been associated with work and work-related success, with competition, power, prestige, dominance over women, restrictive emotionality--that's a big one...'"

"'Basically,' says Rochlen, 'masculinity is bad for you.' So are sugar doughnuts and beer bongs, and men hate to let go of those too. "

Alright, you get the picture. I gave up after the first couple of paragraphs.

And speaking of pictures, high five to Jason Sperber who, in addition to blogging for like ten different sites while staying at home with his daughter--and going to work--also looks fabulous in a swimsuit.


Fatherhood 2.0 [time]
Related from reporter Lisa Takeuchi Cullen's blog: The Evolution of Dad: He's no Mr. Mom[!] [time-blog.com]


Thanks for the shout-out, Greg.

Though they had to choose the pool pic, gaaah... :)

BTW, though, it's only four sites, and one of 'em's for work--I'm actually a *former* SAHD, been back in the workplace for a year now.

Yeah, I haven't called Lisa Cullen, the reporter, on that beer bong line yet. ;)

[goes to work AND stays home! whoa. -ed.]

"Fathers are beginning to look like mothers."

Oh crap, does that mean JJ Daddy will start sporting some road-map stretch marks and grow breasts?

I can't wait.....sheesh.

[manboobs: they're not just for infant carriers anymore. -ed.]

Hey at least you made her blogroll. I think I'm not her favorite dadblogger for some crazy reason.


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