October 8, 2007

Awww, My First Skis: Designed By Someone In New Jersey.


These vintage Creative Playthings skis are perfect--if you're one of those East Coast ski weirdos who thinks 12 inches of manmade ice and gravel counts as a ski surface.

Killington? Sugar Mountain?? Gimme a break
Buy the skis because they're cute, and they'll look nice on the shelf next to your kid's vintage Creative Playthings Sled of Death. But before you take him to Alta, you better get him some real skis. In fact, please take him to Snowbird and leave Alta to us.

CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS Vintage Wood Child Skis Toy w/ BOX, current bid, $8+10.50 s/h, auction ends Oct. 14 [ebay]

1 Comment

Alta, huh? Your kid will definitely grow up to be a snowboarder.

[don't remind me. -ed.]

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