October 7, 2007

The Machine By Samsonite Toys

samsonite toys - page 20

Alright, finally. The 1972 Samsonite Toys catalogue is up and running on flickr, though a couple of pages are out of order. Check out all the plasticky goodness.

With The Machine here, Samsonite ends its toy section with a bang. It's an assemble-it-yourself, ride-on hot rod. It looks cool, but as I look at the pictures of a kid in rhinestone-studded jeans putting it together, I have to wonder how it drove--and how it wore. And I have to worry it may have been too plasticky for its own good.

Still, it's a little slice of 70's awesome. Keep on truckin'!

Bonus: Check out the Samsonite kids furniture, which ranges from the cheap, plastic and mod, to the cheap, metal and church basement reject.

Samsonite Toys Catalogue c. 1972 photoset [daddytypes flickr pool, thanks to andy for the ebay tip]


Greg - this is like eight different types of awesome!

Thanks for the scans.

I couldn't find any of the items on ebay, but I did come across this.

holy crap. you are singlehandedly creating a run at ebay for cool ass toys.

Thank you so much for posting the flickr pictures on the Samsonite catalog. I still have the apartment with some of the furniture, as well as the garage. I had received it as a Christmas gift when I was about 3 years old, living in Florida. I could never part with it, because it was so much fun to set up, along with the Little People from Fisher Price. I saved it for my kids, and now they play with it.

Thank you again. :)

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