October 5, 2007

Turn Samsonite's Zoo Zoo Into Samsonite's Gitmo Gitmo In Too Easy Steps


Still working to get the scans of this 1972 Samsonite Toys catalogue finished. There were sure a lot of roller skate-type products in that first, expanded collection.

There was also the People Places series, their entry into the preschool figure market, which was, if memory serves, dominated by Fisher-Price. [Did you hear that "moo" sound from opening the barn door, too? Or was it just me?] The Samsonite Zoo Zoo consisted of four double cages, an observation tower, some animals and spectators--and a popcorn cart.

A cheerier type would say the cages look a bit like the old-time circus train, or the railroad cars in The Little Engine That Could.


But considering how stackable they are--and how inky black and watery the abyss is they're floating in--I can't help seeing them as shipping containers. Shipping containers with bars. As you may know, when Halliburton's subsidiary KBR was contracted to build Camp Delta, the [first] more permanent prison at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, they used shipping containers [above] for the cells. The observation tower works just fine as the oculus of the panopticon; just get rid of the animals and any shred of human rights, and you're done! Keep the popcorn cart for visiting journalists and congress members.

Clearly, my week's been a little rough. How's yours? A couple more pics after the jump.




busy week here.
i have 3 giveaways on my blog.
come by, take a peek + enter.

i love that vintage zoo set with the cutie popcorn vendor :)

Doesn't Playmobil have a Gitmo playset yet?

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