October 4, 2007

Recycling? Finish Your Self Junior Cardboard Chair & Nomadic Furniture Cardboard Car Seat

This was on BabyGadget a little while ago, the FYS Finish Your Self Junior chair made of recycled cardboard--oh wait, no, it's "100% recyclable"--by David Graas, an Amsterdam designer interested in environmentally sound products, or as he puts it...
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Maitz and Laphoeff Bunkbeds: One Of These Things Is Somewhat Like The Other

First off, let me say that I think that the principles of designing for kids--no sharp corners, integrated safety rails--and the nature of the low-volume, cost-effective manufacturing process, especially CNC routing of sheets of material, are not insignificant. But...
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DT Headline Roundup: Keeping Up Edition

A few quick items to clear out the browser tabs: There's a party in my tummy tuck! Can't quite figure out what the takeaway is on the "Mom Job" post-pregnancy plastic surgery package article in the NYT, but Karen's quote...
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Supercalifreakin' Me Out: Baby Einstein Blocks Recalled For Lead Contamination

I give up. If you need me, I'll be eating Veggie Booty out of a lead bowl, drinking high fructose corn syrup out of a BPA-laced sippy cup, and watching the Hoobs until I've forgotten every multisyllabic word I...
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Idea: Put A Child-Sized Chairry In Your Home Theater!

According to the people who follow such things, 2,000 child-sized Chairry chairs from Pee-Wee's Playhouse were made by Herman Toys in 1988. They're about 32 inches high. Like many a child star--not to mention her show's eponymous host--Chairry seems...
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'Ello, Ven. Wot About London [Kid-Free?] Design Week?

Is it just me, or did London Design Week and the associated events like 100% Design generate almost no kid-related design discoveries? True, a couple of weeks ago, MoCoLoco had a seating roundup with photos of Andrew Millar's Teddy...
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The Daily Show Makes Unbearably Crappy Children's Books By Talentless Political Hacks Slightly Funny

From the Aug. 2006 DT review of political consultant Jeremy Zilber's children's book, Why Mommy Is A Democrat: Zilber's only consolation--though it's one that won't help Why Mommy's sales--is that the "competition," Help, Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed...
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Dude Buys The Only Non-Girly Sling On Etsy.

I remember being completely floored when I was walking down the street in Amsterdam, and right there in the store window was--a male mannequin wearing a grey pinstriped suit with a matching baby sling. Since I was kidfree at the...
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DTQ: At What Age Do You Attain Parenting Nirvana?

And by parenting nirvana, I meant, of course, that your kid could go to the fridge, get you a drink, and bring it back, and the fridge wouldn't be left wide open or dumped all over the floor? The...
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