October 3, 2007

The iCandy Pear Will Have Another 200 Configuration Options By November


DT reader Colleen asked about new double stroller coming soon from iCandy, the Pear, almost three days ago; I've had the iCandy site open in my browser since then, and I still haven't seen the animation of all the configuration possibilities repeat itself. How is that possible?

The Pear is essentially the original iCandy Apple with a double conversion kit, including larger double wheels in front to support the added weight of twins or older/younger siblings. The Pear can be configured as an Apple-style, single-seat stroller [rear- or forward-facing]. But when you add the Breuer Chair-shaped element to the frame, it transforms into a double: a double capable of holding seats, carrycots, and carseats [Maxi-Cosi only at the moment] in almost any combination or configuration.

A few of the twin options remind me of the French BebeConfort twin strollers and car seat carriers, only compacted into a single-stroller footprint. A few of them also remind me of flying coach in the middle seat on a crap airline with no kneeroom.

If anyone's actually seen--or driven--a Pear with actual kids in it, I'd love to hear about it. Though with the website still promising "autumn delivery," I suspect there aren't that many on the road yet.

Rather brilliantly, the Pear conversion kit--the wheels and the Breuer bracket--are sold separately for £249. The full Pear set up is £479 with VAT [carrycots are extra]. The USD/GBP exchange rate never looked so grim, did it?

iCandy Pear double stroller/travel system [icandyuk.com via dt reader colleen]
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Given the history of "what things cost in Britain vs. Rest of the world", if this thing ever makes it to US distribution, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the same set up sold for "only" $479.

Typically, as you probably know well, things there tend to cost in pounds what we'd pay in dollars, as if the exchange rate were one for one.

[very true, though a Big Mac is $3 and 2 pounds... -ed.]

You obviously haven't spoken with any Radiohead fans recently. We were stunned to realize that the dollar had become next to worthless for buying their albums this week.

[but I thought you could totally buy the album for a dollar if you wanted... -ed.]

I'll admit, that's pretty sweet looking. We have the Quattro tour duo and LOVE it (granted we only use it for daily walks and never put it in the car or take it shopping). I do think the seats on this look very short... shorter even than the new Kolcraft double stroller with similar seats and there have been many complaints about those seats being too small. So I have to wonder.

[good point. the early versions of the bugaboogy fisher-price stroller at target had similar seat with the same problem. -ed.]

I wanted this stroller. I live in the us so I got an email address for a store in the uk to get pricing. It was going to be over $1000 for the stroller then what ever shipping was. My husband would not let me spend that much so I ended up getting the Phil and teds sport.

Here are photos of my iCandy Pear which i have for sale



i have an Icandy Pear for sale




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