October 3, 2007

Momoll Mia! Legno Doll House Furniture


Swiss awesome-maker Momoll has introduced a set of doll house furniture. You could use it with a Momoll slot-together doll house or their plexiglass tower of cool [shown here], or you could just use it to mod up whatever Dream House the kid happens to have already.

The 19-piece Legno collection is made from single birch blocks partially surfaced in felt or solvent-free lacquer. They'd work so well with the furniture Antonio Vitali did for Creative Playthings--hey, a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces!--I predict it'll now finally start making sense to buy incomplete CP sets on eBay.

If you have any money left. The standard set is CHF48, but how can you not get the sweet box set for CHF63? In for a penny, in for another 15 swiss francs, right?

Momoll Legno Furniture Set - doll, utensils [and car, I'm afraid] not included, CHF48-63 [momoll.com via swissmiss]
Search for Creative Playthings stuff on eBay [ebay]
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See also: DIY Plexiglass dollhouses, circa Better Homes & Gardens 1972 and circa Sweet Juniper, last July

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