October 3, 2007

Hand-Painted Restaurant High Chair In Springville, Utah

La Casita, Springville, Utah: handpainted restaurant high chair

The kid and I went to Springville, Utah last week, in the Provo metropolitan area [sic, but less and less sic every time I go back]. La Casita #1 is still a reliable source of decent Mexican food, and this time, it turned out to have an interesting, Stephan Gip-style high chair, hand-painted with various fruits.

Yes, that's the kid, singlehandedly upping Springville's PQ [preppy quotient] for the evening.


Cute picture - could almost illustrate a story about the dangers of lead paint.....

Oh wait. Wrong blog.

[it's on flickr, just give it time. -ed.]

I haven't been back there since about 1994, so it sounds like I'd hardly recognize the place. Anyway, when I was a student at the Y, the only reliable source of decent Mexican food that we knew of was Los Hermanos in Provo (which, after a quick Google search, is apparently still there, on the corner of Center and University). Back in those days, it seemed pretty exotic for Provo.

[how about La Dolce Vita around the corner? Their homemade gnocchi changed my life. -ed.]

Dolce Vita was great, too, but I never tried the gnocchi. I once applied (unsuccessfully) for a job there! I ended up working at Brick Oven instead...

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