September 30, 2007

Jukka Disk Game & Roller Seat From Finland From Kiosk


I was wondering when the next country would turn up on Kiosk, and it has: Finland. A few times each year, the conceptual SoHo retailer scours a country for exceptionally well-designed and iconic stuff from the rare to the mundane. Then they load up on it, and turn their showroom into a shoppable, ersatz design exhibition/travelogue.

Among the great kid-friendly Finnish finds are Jukka wooden toys made by Jujo Jussila, a 4th generation family firm. The standout is Kurt Naef's nested disk game, which looks like it might be the inspiration for the Japanese toymaker BorneLund's nested apple puzzle.


They also picked up Jukka's Roller Seat, an awesome little stool with wheels on top which flips over to become a train or a scooter--or your kid could put her little sister on it and send her down the hill. It was cool when Denmark's Collect Furniture showed it last year, and it's cool now. But maybe this one requires adult supervision.

Check out Stork Bites Man for Andy's picks, and just peruse the Kiosk website, too, for fascinating product/stories.

Jukka Disk Game by Kurt Naef, $28; Jukka Roller Seat, $135 [ via storkbitesman]
Previously via Kiosk: Kukelhaus wooden infant toys from Germany

Previously: BorneLund 8-Layer Apple Puzzle; Sweet Danish Kid Gear from Collect Furniture

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Hi there!

Been reading this site for a little over two years and LOVE the stuff you find-although the post about the 840 euro bed/crib nearly killed me. had to de-lurk to let you know that my dd is now the 2 child of the 2nd generation to play with the Roller Seat that was mine as a child! The wheels (sadly) are gone but she still has a great time with it.


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