September 25, 2007

As Seen In Cookie Magazine!


Anyone know a good nanny service in Eurobad? TIA

Eurobad '74: an exhibition of Europe's worst interiors of 1974. [omodern via dt reader judy]


Bad design? So much drool worthy stuff in there. I'll give you that the horse stable/kitchen is a little bizarre.

And you really get where the doll stuff in Poltergeist came from. What was the obsession with scary life sized dolls in otherwise modern settings?

I love your jab at Cookie Magazine! We got a free trial subscription and have been flabbergasted by the photo layouts of $3,000 Gucci outfits for the whole family. Nice photography, though, and yes, this looks like it could have come from Cookie, which looks like it could come from the Sunday NYTimes Fashion Magazine.

Actually, these pictures remind me a lot of my childhood house (sans cheval, bien sur). I certainly prefer this to the bland, oversized, pseudo-historical stuff you see these days. But what's the deal with the kid lifting up the woman's skirt? That's hilarious.

Wow, some of those are eye-popping, and not in a good way. Some aren't so bad... but any bathroom which includes a bidet, even if it is orange or red, gets good grades in my book.

In the second picture the back wall looks like the wallpaper in my in-laws living room.

They have some wallpaper that will make your eyes bleed. They bought the house in Northern France (Idaho with an accent)in 1976.

i swear that tile on the walls is the exact same fugliness we chipped off our circa 1972 kitchen floor a few months back...

[if anything, it's a shocking reminder that there was a time when people advertised--and bought--that stuff. it didn't just turn up behind your drywall. -ed.]

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