September 21, 2007

A Joan Crawford Alphabet, By Donald Urquhart


In 2004, London artist Donald Urquhart got a lot of attention for An Alphabet of Bad Luck, Doom and Horror, which filled an entire wall at Maureen Paley gallery with a childlike cataloging of universal woe, some of which had befallen the artist as he was preparing for the show. [Well, not K is for Ku Klux Klan or H is for Hitler, at least he had that going for him.]

In his current show at Paley's space, Urquhart has made an alphabet painting of just one person's misery, Joan Crawford [B is for Baby Jane.] Well, two if you count her daughter Christina [W is for Wire Hangers.] On the bright side, O is for Oscar Night.

Donald Urquhart's show at Maureen Paley runs through Sept. 30 []
An Alphabet of Bad Luck, Doom and Horror, 2004 []


I think I smell the next blog meme.

Is there an alphabet that hasn't been done yet..?

[i think i smell the next blog meme... -ed.]

The Gashlycrumb Tinies, anyone?

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