September 20, 2007

There's A Party In My Wallet: Yo Gabba Gabba Toys Will Drop By Thanksgiving


Yo Gabba Gabba! definitely wants to be invited to the Christmas party in your wallet.

Kid Robot, the vinyl toy subsidiary of YGG! production company WildBrain just announced to retailers that Yo Gabba Gabba vinyl and plush dolls will be ready for delivery November 21. [And in the half hour I was gone picking up the kid, several of those retailers turned around and announced it to DT.]

On the bright side, the gruppy company with a butt-smoking mascot is finally making vinyl dolls that are appropriate for little kids. On the dark side--assuming for a second there's only one--that Viacom show your kid's watching is a 22-minute toy commercial. Starring toys. Toys who snuggle up in YGG! character blankets. And kids who dance in YGG! character outfits.

Which reminds me, Kidrobot Wholesale reports there's a limited supply of YGG! apparel available this Holiday season, "however, Spring will burst with additional delights!"

Yo Gabba Gabba! the first few months are free, the next ones are $25/head []
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Man that's lame. I am still waiting for Jack's Big Music Show toys!

It's wrong that I am beside myself with excitement, isn't it?

[not if you've got $125 to burn, plus the DJ Lance Rock doll, which is still TBA. -ed.]

I have 3 under 9 and am vaguely aware of these characters. However, my 2 year old just walked up to the screen and talked to the images for 5 minutes, using names and all. How does this happen? I still heart the Backyardigans.

Paul Frank has also designed clothing and accessories that will be on it's way as well (already appear in the show.) There's also gear aimed at the parents as well (I've got my eye on a Muno wallet.)

[I was meaning to post that party-happy wallet link, thanks. Unfortunately, I think you have to get a job at Wild Brain to score one, but still. make no small plans. -ed.]

You should have seen the look on my three- and five-year olds faces when I printed out the coloring pages from the Nickjr site, colored them brightly with markers, and cut them out. You'd think they were the real toys.

nycrex, they do have jack's big music show toys at Target! I saw them recently!

YGG rocks!

donat you think that they are a bit over priced??

Has anyone seen these toys anywhere? Ohio

I make 7 TV characters: Noggin TV's JACK, MARY, MEL from Jack's Big Music Show, MOOSE A. MOOSE, ZEE & WOW1 WOW1 WUBBZY. I also make a 24' STAR from PBS Good Night Show. All my dolls are child-safe. I also sell on eBay and have over 1000 terrific feedbacks.
I take orders through email and accept PayPal or a Money Order.

Just found YGG Hoodies (Brobee & Plex) @ Wal*Mart for $9.00 in sizes up to 5t. (We are in California.)

The hoodies are solid red (Plex) or navy blue (Brobee)with a pic of their head screened in front, and their name across the front pockets. (Here's a pic of the Brobee one via some ebay auction - they are selling it for $24.99... jeez!)

I also saw yellow shirts with there's a Party in my tummy w/ Brobee & the food illustrations. Oh, and Brobee pjs as well as Foofa ones. Sweet! I didn't catch the prices of the other items... I was trying to be sneaky about buying the Plex hoodie for my soon-to-be 4 year old as a gift, while he was with me!

Sorry, the url is actually

Hey Ruth, while I think it's cool you can make such toys, aren't you violating copyright laws? If you are making money off of their intellectual property without their permission or giving them royalties, that's against the law. I wouldn't be advertising or selling that kind of thing on eBay. Don't be surprised if you get asked to stop or threatened with a law suit. Just sayin'

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