September 19, 2007

Tramp Stamped And Pierced And Pregnant? Big Deal!

"Why Some Expectant Moms Are Worried About Tattoos"? Uh, how about because the Wall Street Journal keeps a non-issue alive by joining a five-year-long daisy chain of non-stories in pregnancy magazines and message boards about the non-existent incompatibility between epidurals and lower back tattoos?


If you want something to worry about, how about that lengthening navel piercing, hmm? Oh wait, but now there are Pregnancy Piercings, extended piercing retainers that you can decorate with little colored barbell ends or Blue Boy/Pink Girl/"Not Finding Out!" dangles.

They also sell nipple barbells ["DO NOT USE WHILE NURSING"] and toddler leashes ["An absolute MUST for Vacations or Mall outings."].

Which begs the question: are you hardcore enough to attach the leash to the navel ring? Hmm?

Pregnancy Piercings, $16-30, depending on the dangle [ via dt reader naomi]


Belly of the Month calendar!

Wow, I can't wait to read about this in Parent's magazines latest "Things to worry about that have the same statistical chance of happening to you and your children as being mauled by wild grizzly bears in the deserts of Mexico!"

["as seen in Pregnancy Magazine in 2007 and in Today's Parent in 2006 and in the Sioux City Journal in 2005!" -ed.]

"attach the leash to..." My eyes are watering.

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