September 19, 2007

Great Expectations: Victoria Staten Baby Carrier


Last week's or whenever's posts about baby stuff you hear about online meeting expectations--or not, or exceeding them--prompted DT reader Adrienne to burn a few minutes of precious naptime sharing this story:

After seeing the company featured on your site and mentioning how beautiful the products were to everyone I know, we received a gorgeous Victoria Staten baby carrier for our baby shower.

Three months later, after the birth of our daughter and a harried packing job, we found ourselves out of town with a disassembled carrier and no instructions. We contacted the company and through a series of emails received instructions on how to reassemble the carrier.

A couple of weeks later, I received an email from Victoria Staten asking how I liked the baby carrier and if I had any comments. I let her know that the materials and the design were gorgeous, but I was having a bit of trouble with the D-rings as well as the sizing. To my surprise, a package with a whole new carrier was delivered with improved rings as well as a couple of extra inches of slack (for the husband). I was floored by the personal attention and give Mrs. Staten and her company my highest recommendations.

Good to hear. Also, way to work the crowd at the baby shower, Adrienne, well played.

Check out Victoria Staten's collection of sweet, leathery baby gear goodness, then call her at home late at night. KIDDING! []

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