September 19, 2007

Adiri Breast-Shaped Bottle, Or Do Co-Sleepers Dream Of Eclectic Teats?

Yes, yes they do. DT reader Eric:

So weird. I just had a dream last night that co-sleeping parents (like us) could help transition their kid to their own crib if there was some sort of fake boob in the crib for the kid to roll over and eat from in the middle of the night. A pediatrician-approved, child-safe, hamster-like magic boob from heaven.
We'll get the Zaky folks right on that. Meanwhile as images of Belgian Dustbunnies and Sleeper, uh, bounce through my head, take a look at these:


the Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate, the latest in a long line of bottles designed to minimize "nipple confusion" by simulating a breast as closely as possible. And a Bisphenol-A-free breast, to boot. I think the one on the right's a bit bigger.

Adiri Natural Nurser-- Ultimate Bottle 3 Stage Set is $42.95 on Amazon [amazon via goodyblog]


They make those any more realistic looking, I may have to order a pair for myself!

Greg, that headline is pure genius (and beyond hysterical). You rule the blogosphere.

The aforementioned co-sleeper

[maybe in your dreams... -ed.]

Do they really glow like that?

For years, my brother-in-law has been bringing up the idea of a crib bumper with built in faux boobs lining it. Baby wakes up, rolls over and, bam, there's a boob; rolls the other way and, bam, another boob. It's like a co-sleeping/nursing nirvana. But, he's got three kids, two in the bed with him and his wife - who has time to invent anything??

[i can see why he'd want to, though. wow. -ed.]

nice bottle, I don't counsel unrestricted night time BOTTLE feeding. (Boobies are A-OK) It is considered the leading risk factor for infant caries. As in big cavities that rot your kid's teeth before you can reasonably blame him for it.

For gross pictures and a clear discussion see:

For a representatitve epidemiological study see:
Risk factors for early childhood caries in Canadian preschool children seeking care. Tiberia, et al. Pediatric Dentistry 2007, 29, p201-8

[nothin' a little Crest White Strippin' can't handle, right Sean Preston? -ed.]

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