September 18, 2007

Robots In The Nursery


Artist/illustrator Patrick Lau started with a painting of a robot for his kid's nursery, which began, as his wife Maya put it, "to slightly have a theme." He added giant gears to the walls, and there's a shelf full of vintage robot toys safely out of reach.

Here's Maya's photoset on flickr, which I came across via the generally excellent "Go to your room!" pool of kid's room design photos. The pool shows that Nauseatingly Pink is still a strong nursery trend. Also, way too many people say "hubby". You have been warned.


Meanwhile, one "hubby" is taking it to the next level. David Hanson's 18-inch anime-tronic robot is named Zeno, just like his 18-mo son. Watch your back, Meat Zeno.

"Go to your room!" Kids Rooms at home pool [flickr]
Zeno Robot Boy May One Day Replace Inventor's Son [gizmodo via dt reader ponch]


Wow. There's some nice rooms there, but some of these rooms make me feel even better about the job I did on my daughter's new room...

Thanks for the shout out on our nursery. We are regular readers here...just never seem to find time to comment. Instead busy cleaning up spit up!


I second the notion that WAY TOO MANY people say Hubby. It really gets on my nerves when Im reading an article or thread and someone calls their husband Hubby.

Maybe I just spend too much time on teh intarwebs?

[that is so SWEET that you're commenting on a daddyblog! -ed.]

JJ Daddy would slap me upside the haid if I ever called him Hubby. I usually call him "Did You Feed The Children". He sweet diminutive for me is "Bath Night, Your Turn".

Was that a 'Fables' reference at the end there? I guess you've got to keep yourself occupied between Dazzler appearances.

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