September 17, 2007

This Rosle Can Opener Is The Most Incredible Can Opener In The World.


The headline really says it all: I open like two cans a year, and so every time is like an all-new revelation of how easy, safe, comfortable, and good-looking this paradigm-changing can opener is.

Rosle Can Opener, $35 []


..... and this is relevent how?

[if your kid eats baked beans, this can opener could change your life. But you're right; mostly, I just had to blog it to get it out of my head. -ed.]

I have one which does the same thing, about $6 from the local kitchen store. It's great, I agree!

Some cans come with pop-top lids now.

I also have a can opener like the Williams-Sonoma one. It looks different, but functions the same way. Sadly, my cats only eat dry food from a bag, so using a can opener doesn't make me popular.

So, I have one of these can openers (though it's pretty rare that we use cans) and it is very frustrating to use. Never seems to work reliably.

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