September 17, 2007

Baby, Remember My Name: The Roddler By Kid Kustoms


I've been surfing the coverage of ABC Kids Expo from the likes of Baby Chic 101 and Babble, and so far, the biggest news seems to be the glitzy debut of The Roddler, Kid Kustoms' pimp-sweet stroller with the monocoque chassis, the lacquer paint job and the optional ostrich-skin upholstery.

If The Roddler looks familiar, that's because it you knew it before it was famous. Back then, a whole month ago, when its Pinstripe Prep creators started leaking word of its chromed existence, it was known as the Limited Edition Harmony.

But then, what good is Las Vegas if you can't totally reinvent yourself, change your name to something catchier, and become a huge, #$*%-ing star? Before she's through with this town The Roddler will be the freakin' Nomi Malone of strollers, baby. Or at least the Ginger McKenna, if this white leather-and-lime number's anything to go by.

Either way, Whit at Babble reports that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have taken delivery of one of these "tasteful and affluent" rides. Though "tasteful" implies giving a damn what other people think, and "affluent" implies that they actually paid for it, and I'm not sure either is really accurate in The Roddler's case.

Kid Kustoms at the ABC Show []
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If I bought that I would have to trade in the car for a bigger SUV to haul it around in.

Don't they have a moped adapter kit for it?

Pantwheels for strollers. Outstanding!

I LOATHE this stroller. I think it's awful and would be just perfect for someone who drives a PT Cruiser. Not my style at all and it seems totally ridiculous and impractical to me. The luxury features of the stroller are not the problem here, the style is just too Harley Davidson to me. They may be shooting for a Syd Mead look here but I think they have missed the mark.

[I don't think it'll fit in a PT Cruiser. but for some people, "too Harley Davidson" is a plus. -ed.]

Sorry, but where is the child supposed to put their feet? Dangle?

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this thing looks like it's for complete posers.

[but they're affluent! -ed.]

What's up with not linking my site, Greg? Is it really that bad? :*(

[the link had an typo in it, so it didn't show up. sorry. -ed.]

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