September 16, 2007

Stokke, I Shrunk The Sales Reps!


Photos and reports are starting to land in my inbox from the giant Kind+Jugend expo in Cologne, which ends today. Big news ahead, stay tuned.

Did someone say "big" and "giant"? Last year Stokke sent the kid this exact same set up, only doll-sized. But this takes the cake. The giant cake with a baby popping out of it. [via k+j]


Wow... the guy on the left looks exactly like my daughter does at the table -- we're at an awkward stage where she doesn't want to sit in the high chair anymore but is too small for an adult chair. (And why is it nobody sells booster seats other than a few completely ugly plastic ones? Time to get some birch plywood, find someone with a good jigsaw, and knock one together I guess...)

cam c.- why don't you just buy a Tripp Trapp? That's what they're for, silly. Then your daughter will look like the lady on the right. And it can be used even as an adult chair.

I just bought a Trip Trap today for that very reason. My little guy started refusing to sit in his high chair and I wasn't crazy about him sitting on a phone book in a regular chair. After two trips to Ikea to get a tall kids chair, just to find them sold out, my wife got pissed and I "let" her talk me into getting the Stokke. I talked to her about getting one over a year ago. Score! I was pulling for the black but we ended up with raspberry. My son loves it, my wife loves it, and I love it almost as much as the black one.

Those who long for a Stokke Tripp Trapp should Google "hipposmile" first.

Close enough for me, at half the price, plus an included cushioned seat. Amazon has a grumpy review, but most people seem to have had a great experience with them. Ebay ratings are high too.

[unbelievable. what a ripoff. -ed.]

I bought 2 hippo chairs for my grandchildren and they were both defective, scratched and holes would not line up , what a nightmare with their customer service...he wanted to send replacement parts , keeping in mind these are new chairs, getting them to take them back was long and drawn out. I then bought 2 tripp trapp's and they went together in 5 minutes and are well worth the money. You get what you pay for ..

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