September 15, 2007

'You Won't Remember This': Jeff Scher's 0-4 Animations


Artist and animator Jeff Scher has a pretty sweet gig. He's, I guess, an animation columnist on the NY Times website, and his short features are part of a series called Sightlines on the Times Select section of the site [which may explain why all the commenters appear to be at or near the grandparent demographic. They all want their Tom Friedman, dammit, and if they get some touching, rotoscoped movies about those wistful, quickly lost moments of infancy, too, well bully for the Times.]

Which is what "You Won't Remember This" is, btw: Scher's impressionistic renditions of scenes from his son Buster's first few years. My favorite scene: driving in the car at night, going under streetlamps. That's just beautiful, though impossible to capture in a single frame. Every time I try, Buster comes out looking like Ultrasound Skeletor.

Even if you're not grandparents, you'll totally relate to this fleeting sense of time. These are defining moments in a parent's life; meanwhile, the kid's synapses are not even set up to retain any of them.

Every trip we took to Asia or wherever, we'd talk about how it's too bad the kid won't have the slightest idea--just parents who remind her incessantly that we took her to Japan all the time when she was a baby, and then she'll be all, "Well, let's get going! You got frequent flier miles, right?"

So yeah, I guess if you're going to start making movies about your kid's life, you'd better be prepared to keep it going, or they'll let you hear about it later on. Heads up, Jeff.

"You Won't Remember This" by Jeff Scher [ via dt reader judy]
Jeff Scher's site--no film, tho []


I think you meant Thanks so much for showing us "You Won't Remember This." Really, really beautiful.

Have you seen the version of this animation with the new, "appropriate" soundtrack? I must admit it gave me a hearty chuckle.


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