September 14, 2007

There's A Story Here, But Because It Happened On Their Property, Disney Owns The Copyight In Perpetuity

The Chronbloggers at The Poop recently posted some tips for making your toddler-equipped trip to Disneyland as entertaining as possible.

I have one to add: make sure you're on Main Street for the Pluto Kid-Chasing & Mom Smackdown Parade. Holy crap, this is hilarious:

The Poop Road Trip: Disneyland []
Disney Dog Fight [youtube via boingboing]


That's funny.

I like how Pluto points to the mom like she's just robbed a bank.

What the heck was that lady doing? Pluto always chases the kids around, that's his shtick.

Wait...what just happened? Was Pluto chasing the kid because of something the kid did to him, or was it just horseplay? It seemed like they were running with some motivation there...then the mom ran over, yelled at Pluto over it and pushed him? Did she really push him, or did Pluto exaggeratedly prat-fell? I'm confused.

[she grabbed him, but he fell when he stepped backwards off the curb -ed.]

Pluto always chases the kids? How does he decide which ones to chase, and whether or not they'd be terrorized by a six-foot dog with macrocephaly?

Seriously, though, I'm not the sort who feels my kids need to be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them from the world, but being chased by surprise would sure spook *me*.

[yeah, that didn't look like a playful, scripted chase to me. he was running full tilt. -ed.]

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