September 14, 2007

The Wheels On The Volvo XC70 Go Round And Round


That video site wanted me to register or some nonsense to see the video; I didn't bother reading it as I figured it would be faster to find another copy with Google -- here it is on Volvo UK's site.

[thanks, it took me a while to figure out, too, but there's a set of "view full screen/view broadband, etc." links on the lower left. also, the visit4info version is the extended dance remix. -ed.]

That's my daughter's favorite song (she's especially fond of the Bacon Brothers version found on the Scholastic DVD). When this ad came on last night she spent at least twenty minutes complaining about the wrong lyrics. So now already, as a toddler, she's had the experience of seeing her favorite song co-opted by the commercial establishment. Poor kid! ;-)

Is the XC70 a "chick car?" When I mentioned interest, that's exactly what the wife called it.

I hate this fuckin' commercial!

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