September 12, 2007

Wait, The Mazda6 Is Actually Coming To The US?


Several guys emailed the sneak preview of the 2008 Mazda6 last week, but I lost it in the queue. Now that the redesigned mid-size wagon's launched at Frankfurt, I'm trying to catch up, even though there are very few images and even less data. [Faster, Jalopniks! Shill Shill!]

If there's one thing the Mazda6 has that no other fine-looking, mid-size Japanese and/or German wagon has at the moment, it's a chance of actually turning up in the US. [update: no it doesn't, see below: Mazda nixed the wagon for NA. ....]

Autoblog has some preview pics and a couple from the autoshow floor. [autoblog]


All I want is a wagon, not a crossover, that seats 6 or 7.

Unfortunately, seems as though NA does not get the wagon.

[... the jalopnik commenters use the word "similar" to describe the US version. In other words, we get screwed yet again. -ed.]

I still lust for the Audi RS4 Avant with manual transmission and room for two kid seats en arriere.

The Mazda 6 is available in a sport wagon in Canada. Check out

[this version's still available in the US, too, but apparently, it's not selling well enough to bring in the next model. -ed.]

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