September 11, 2007

Muistipeli Is Finnish For Matching Game


This set of matching cards use rather insanely complex fabric designs from Marimekko. Like Frank Lloyd Wright and his Froebel blocks, these cards are just the kind of thing your kid'll latch onto as the singular inspiration for his becoming a world-famous designer.

Or they're nothing but Finnish Pogs, minus the Alf.

And at this stage of the game, it's really too early to tell which way they'll break.

Marimekko Muistipeli Matching Game, $23 [ via awesome, thanks dt reader evan]


Also worth mentioning is the Maharam matching game which seems equally complicated and equally beautiful:

Not to mention that the Maharam set isn't a brand marketing tool. How lame is it to have memory game cards that you turn over which have nothing more than Marimekko(tm) on the front?

[or it's a better-designed marketing tool -ed.]

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