September 11, 2007

Flytta, Please: Stainless Steel Changing Table From Ikea Kitchen Cart


On the subject of stainless steel changing tables, DT reader Eric sends along this photo of their nursery, which sports a sweet Ikea Flytta kitchen cart--the bigger, 38 5/8", 3-shelf model, not the 23" wood-topped one.

It has lockable casters and at 33 7/8", is a pretty nice working height. And to top it all off, you don't have to get soaked on eBay to get one; it's actually available on Ikea's website.

Flytta Kitchen Cart, 38 5/8" x 22 1/2", $159 + shipping []


We made a very similar changing table out of a $35 Lowes potting bench that had its legs sawed down a bit (for height) and was outfitted with IKEA Emma Hellgren-designed Framat rails and containers to held all the creams, wipes and cotton balls. (You can see a photo of Framat here) We also used the portable changing cushion. The best part about the potting bench was its length and that the addition of a bar stool now allows us to re-use it as a computer desk for our iMac. I don't know what traditional changing tables grow into.

My husband and I have a little one and have consistantly run into the problem of businesses that don't have a changing table in one or both restroom. Now we are opening a business of our own and I don't want to be one-of-them.

I've been surfing, trying to find a portable heavy duty changing station. Portable, so it can be move from the mens to the womens as needed. Thank you for posting pics. Thank you for think outside the box.

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