September 10, 2007

Spumoni-esque Cradle Alle Genovese


Abandon rational concerns of outrageous, potentially dangerous protruding objects all ye who enter your kid here.

This wrought iron [is there such a thing as overwrought iron?] and carved wood cradle by Sacca di Messina was included in the 1935 exhibition of artistic cradles at the Ducal Palazzo in Genova. [Yes, there was an entire palazzoful of these things.]

In his 2005 exhibition on a century of Italian children's furniture, collector/curator Maurizio Marzadori cited it as evidence of emergent regional design trends in pre-war Italy.

I'm still trying to figure out how Mussolini managed to keep the massive Genovese Infant Eye Poke-Out of 1936 out of the papers.

A misura di bambino. 100 anni di mobili per l’infanzia in Italia []

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