September 8, 2007

Play Furniture By Kay Bojesen & Magnus Stephenson


Kay Bojesen is probably best known in the kid design world for his teak monkeys and other toy animals for Rosendahl, designed in the early 1950's, when Danish modernism was really kicking in worldwide.

But way back in the 1930's, Bojesen and fellow Crafts Guild member Magnus Stephensen designed a set of beech play furniture, a table and chairs. The table has a detachable steering wheel, which turns the whole set into a ride-able train or bus.


In January 2006, a nice-looking set of Bojesen/Stephensen furniture sold for 5,000 kroner [around EUR650, or around $810 at the time] at the Danish auction house, Bruun Rasmussen. Tuesday, they're selling another set with a lot more wear, which is estmated to go for 3-4000 kr., in case you're keeping score at home.


737/363: Kay Bojesen and Magnus Stephensen: Childens beech furniture consisting of reversible table with steering wheel and two chairs. []
They demo the play set near the end of this Danish Auction Roadshow-type TV show []

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