September 5, 2007

No One Needs A Rubber Bracelet With 256Mb Of USB-Accessible Storage


I would need at least a gig. Besides, last time I checked, low capacity USB memory and rubber bracelets from annoying corporate mouthpieces were each selling for like a dollar.

Which makes the Mouse House premium $22.50. Nice work if you can get it. Anyone know of a generic?

[update: duhyeah, they've been around for like a year and a half, at least.]

Disney x Yujin DeeDeeMix USB Flash Memory, $22.46 [strapya via inventorspot]


Something "not quite right" about the mickey images and the pig-english on that site tells me those are knock-offs. I could be wrong, though.

Making the premium somebody else is getting even worse...

But i like the idea. There's a generic black 1gb strap like it on ebay for $5.99 (with 11.99 shipping). Item no. 290156908416.

[that's Japlish. they're Japanese domestic market licensed products. They're on the site, too. -ed.]

Is that memory or MEMORING on the package? Yikes!

[it's a contraction of memory ring. works better in japanese. -ed.]

Most US companies let their Japanese arms take creative liberty with their designs to sell better in Japan... I actually kind of like the artwork as they've sort of gone back to a Steamboat-Willy-esque Mickey with blacked-in eyes.

The amount of Disney love in Japan is just sickening; I'm sure these will sell like hotcakes... (The only Japanese person I met who didn't like Disney was a girl I worked with who lived 10 minutes from the train station by Tokyo Disneyland. Apparently there's nothing worse than getting home from a 90 minute commute and seeing a bunch of giddy tourists with Mickey ears on every single day of your life.)

I'm still waiting for the fake tooth USB accessory.

So when I'm trying to cross the east German border with sensitive cold war secrets, no one will ever suspect...

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