September 4, 2007

No Cradle Is An Eisland, Except This One


Belgian designer Linde Hermans made the Cradle Eisland in 2002. It was shown around a bit, but never went into production.

"The sides are the interface with the ground, by which the cradle can waddle. When the baby grows older the cradle can be used as a toy box or as a swing. It can also be transformed into a rocking chair."

The painted MDF sides support a little mattress inside, I guess, though I can't find any pictures of the interior. I'm guessing it'd be pretty dark and cozy in there. Rig a Babyplus heartbeat player on there, and the kid might not even realize he's born until he's a year old.

Eisland Cradle by Linde Hermans, 2002
[ via]
Hermans has moved on to designing objects, paper, things that can actually come to market more easily []

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