September 3, 2007

DT Namewatch: Bitch Edition

So we're obviously trying to tune back into the baby naming vibrations blanketing the earth, which emanate from the Harmonic Convergence in Sedona, AZ. Or from the Cosmic Umbilicus Daycare Center in the shopping center behind the Olive Garden, which has five Isabellas on the waitlist, but whatever, we're not feeling it.

My wife's approach to baby name selection involves coming up with names she likes, then mulling them over, considering the diminuitive and nickname possibilities, and how they might combine with our last names--and with the kid1.0's names, too, the new constraint this time around.

My approach, on the other hand, apparently is to surf through genealogy records and pull out the wackiest--or at least the least likely--names I can find, then claim legitimacy for them because they're "a family name!" The excuse that I'm just priming the brainstorming pump is apparently becoming less and less credible.

So I won't mention the wealth of pump priming goodness in this NYT article about Leona Helmsley's favorite Maltese, Trouble, who inherited $12 million when the old queen died:

“Nobody could say ‘the dog,’ ” said Zamfira Sfara, 48, a former housekeeper for Mrs. Helmsley, who Ms. Sfara said preferred a more regal term for her beloved pet: Princess. [Hey, just like Jordan's baby!]


One afternoon in 2003, Mrs. Helmsley went to Bravo Gianni, an Italian restaurant on East 63rd Street, for a lunch date. She brought Trouble with her...


Ms. Sfara’s son, Remus Pop, 27, said he and his mother were talking to a law firm about taking up their case again and going after Trouble’s inheritance. “That is the next step,” Mr. Pop said. “That dog got money. That money is going to be taken away from that dog.”

It's so hard to find non-litigious help these days. The Times' photo of Zamfira was taken in Remus's photo studio/event space in LIC.

Multimillionaire Dog Can’t Buy Herself a Friend [nyt]
Remus Pop's MySpace [myspace]


Wait- you're having another one? Well, congratulations!

I have a great aunt Dorkas, but wood's not hearing it.

[yeah, there's a whole group of names that didn't make it past the great aunt stage. Thora and Mary Mozingo are on my list. Experience, too. There are like three generations of Experiences. No go. -ed.]

You're from Utah, right? You should have some absolutely fantastic names to suggest. My husband is Swedish, and has some, uh, pretty interesting family names that i have shot down.

i had a great great etc colonel in the Am Rev named Orange. I haven't been able to get it past the middle name stage. We had a few uncomfortable encounters with Gwyneth at the yoga studio, so claiming some allegiance to Apple goes the wrong way altogether.
Our latest favorite has now been taken over by a hurricane, but I am trying to use that to my advantage.
My other strategy: scan baby name wizard and cross everything off that is discussed there. Esp. the 'weird ones' everyone gets excited about.

I'm back in as well, though it's early goings. I'm just doing my pregame dt calisthenics.

Station wagons - check
plywood furniture I don't really understand the attraction of - check
expensive strollers - check
Uma - check
progressive rants against the man - hey, that's new. Cool.

It's like riding a bike.

We had our first (unsuccessful) name choosing session last night. All we seemed to accomplish was to reject every name in the book! Supermum claims she has a great name in mind but she refuses to tell me.

So yeah, I know I've been behind on my blog reading, but I just went back through days worth of posts and found no prior mention of #2 coming along. Congratulations!

Have you asked the soon-to-be Big Sister? Roo came up with all sorts of great ones. Jasper was almost named Marshmallow Onion.

[yeah, no. Some friends actually went with their kid's suggestion. I'm a little worried the kid'd use it to lord over the kid2.0 even more later on. -ed.]

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