September 1, 2007

But He Wins Big In Those Great Extra Innings In The Sky

25-yo Minnesota Twins pitcher Scott Baker and his wife Leean's second son Easton was born Friday before last, five weeks premature. Baker took a few days off, then hustled the clan back to Minneapolis to pitch the second game of a double-header against the Kansas City Royals last night.

He was on track to pitch a perfect game until the ninth inning, when he walked John Buck. Then pinch-hitter Mike Sweeney got a piece of a fast ball, taking a no-hitter off the table.

After the game, he said he was pleased with the outcome [the Twins won 5-0]: "All I can say is when you have a child or something of that nature, it just puts things in perspective."

So if you're keeping score at home, having a kid is somewhere to the right of pitching a one-hitter in your second complete game in the Major League after you'd been demoted to the minors and made your way back.

Meanwhile, Red Sox pitcher Clay Bucholz probably thinks that pitching a no-hitter on your second ML start ever is better than getting arrested for eBaying a high schoolful of laptops. Of course, that's because he doesn't have any kids. That he knows of.


Baker Loses Perfect Game in 9th [sfgate/ap via dt reader john]
Red Sox’ Buchholz Pitches No-Hitter in Second Career Start [nyt]

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